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Ahmad Brooks Gets First Interception, Westbrook Scores Again, 49ers Lead 31-7

The Cardinals go right with the shotgun and complete a pass to Andre Roberts over the middle for five yards. Second down, and John Skelton completes another pass, this one to Larry Fitzgerald for five yards, giving them a first down. Once again, another completion for Skelton, five yards again, this one to Max Komar. The next pass doesn't fare quite as well, it's tipped and Ahmad Brooks gets the pick, taking it to the eight-yard line, trying to stiff-arm John Skelton on his way. Isaac Sopoaga got the tip.

The 49ers begin on the eight, and it's a run for essentially nothing, two yards for Brian Westbrook. You can then tag on another six-yard touchdown run for Brian Westbrook, and the extra point is good. The 49ers lead 31-7 with 6:51 remaining in the third quarter.

It's a 19-yard return and the Cardinals take over at the 30-yard line.

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