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Brian Westbrook Scores On 6-Yard Run, 49ers Lead 24-7.

The Cardinals begin with an incompletion on first down with defensive end Isaac Sopoaga in his face. Hightower takes the carry on second down, but is stopped by Manny Lawson for no gain. Third and ten with two backs in the backfield, John Skelton takes the shotgun snap and dumps off to Tim Hightower, but it goes right off his hands for an incompletion.

The 49ers start their drive at the 22-yard line, and it's deep to Michael Crabtree over the middle, but it's overthrown. The Cardinals were offsides though, and the 49ers get five yards and a repeat of first down. From the gun with an empty backfield, Smith throws it to the left side without really looking, and the Cardinals are called for yet another penalty. Holding, five yards, and the 49ers have another first down.

1st and 10 from the San Francisco 32-yard line, and it's a handoff to Anthony Dixon, who finds the hole and picks up eight yards. Then it's a thirty-yard run from Brian Westbrook, who finds a big hole on the right side of the line. Another run for San Francisco and it's Anthony Dixon again, four yards this time. On second down, it's a 20-yard gain to Vernon Davis, and he's down at the six-yard line.

Alex Smith is in the red zone now, where he's usually very accurate, but his first pass is incomplete. Then Brian Westbrook takes a carry and he falls down after being tripped up by Barry Sims, but crawls into the end zone before he's touched, apparently. The 49ers lead 24-7 after the extra point. Six plays, 78 yards, 3:06 for that drive.

The Cardinals get the ball on the 27-yard line with an Andre Roberts return.

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