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Vernon Davis Responds With 59-Yard Touchdown Reception, 49ers Lead 17-7.

The 49ers take the third-quarter kick off at the one-yard line and Ted Ginn Jr. takes it 24-yards to the 25-yard line. Alex Smith on the play-action pass looks to his left and overthrows Vernon Davis badly out of bounds with no pressure in his face. Brian Westbrook gets the carry on second down and he picks up two yards, bringing up a 49ers 3rd-and-8. It's a pass to Brian Westbrook and he s dragged past the first down line, before going down-but-not-really, and getting another yard. Adrian Wilson couldn't get him down.

Another first down incompletion from Smith, it's in the ground at Westbrook's feet after he panics. On second down, it's Alex Smith to Vernon Davis for a 59-yard touchdown reception. Vernon just beat his man and was wide open over the middle. He leisurely extended and caught the perfect pass from Alex, and took it in the right side of the end zone with Cardinals in tow.  Five plays, 75 yards in 1:58 for the San Francisco 49ers on the drive to open the half.  They now lead 17-7.

The Cardinals get the ball at the 35 yards line after the Roberts return and Thaddeus Gibson tackle.

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