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49ers Lead 10-7 At Halftime, Fans Boo

The kickoff goes into the end-zone and Ted Ginn brings it out to the 19-yard line. On first down, Alex Smith throws to his right side and it's a 12-yard completion to wide receiver Michael Crabtree. Second down is a pass gain, over the middle short to Anthony Dixon, who turns to avoid but slides on the slick field and gains two yards. Dixon again for five yards, but it's followed by an incompletion on 3rd-and-3. Andy Lee punts, and C.J. Spillman makes yet another great special teams tackle before Roberts can get anything out of it.

The Cardinals begin on the nine yard line, and then get two yards out of Tim Hightower on first down. They go right back to Larry FItzgerald, who picks up the first down yet again. It's Tim Hightower on the predictable first down run, but this time he picks up ten yards and gets another Arizona first down. 1st and 10 on their own 35-yard line. , it's another first down run from Tim Hightower and a bad missed tackle from CB Shawntae Spencer brings up 2nd and 1. John Skelton goes deep, but it's way off target even with the blown coverage. 3rd and 1 for Arizona. Tim Hightower gets the carry, and he goes right through Parys Harlason en route to a first down. Manny Lawson makes a big tackle on another run on first down though, getting Hightower for a three-yard loss.

Incomplete pass to Andre Roberts from Skelton, and it's a bad one, a dumpoff with nobody around him. The Cardinals go to the shotgun, and get a couple yards but ultimately end up with 4th-and-7, and San Francisco takes a timeout. 32-yard punt from Ben Graham, it's downed just inside the twenty.

San Francisco gets things started with a false start. Brian Westbrook takes the carry and picks up 9-yards on the misdirection. 1:28 remaining in the half. It's Westbrook again for the 49ers, and after getting around a tackle or two, he gets the first down. The 49ers hurry it up, and it's a completion to Josh Morgan on the left side, who spins around a defender and makes his way out of bounds with 58 seconds remaining.

1st and 10 on the Cardinals 42 after the 28-yard gain. Alex looks downfield and he's got Josh Morgan over the middle, but it's off target and the pass is behind him. 2nd and 10 for San Francisco. It's a dumpoff to Westbrook, but it's off target and Adrian Wilson put a violent hit on him. The 49ers take their last timeout for an injury.

Anthony Dixon takes the carry and picks up a few yards, bringingu up fourth down and the end of the half.