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Cardinals Score, Trail 49ers 10-7

The Cardinals get a good run out of Beanie Wells, seven yards, but follow it up with a deep incomplete pass with Nate Clements in coverage. John Skelton converts the first third down of the game though, with a pass to Max Komar. From the gun on first down, Skelton isn't pressured, but rolls out to the right side when nothing is immediately open downfield. He picks up two yards and Justin Smith gets a hand on the ball behind and knocks it loose, but he's already going out of bounds. The Cardinals get another first down, this one a pass to Lary Fitzgerald with rookie Tramaine Brock in coverage.

Jim Tomsula makes the first challenge of his NFL head coaching career. It's denied though, and he also loses the first challenge of his head coaching career. The Cardinals respond with a first down pass to Larry FItzgerald, and it's complete in the endzone for a touchdown. This guy will beat you every day. Seven plays, 37-yards, 2:45 for that Cardinals drive that was capped off with a ten-yard touchdown.

Niners Nation has their in-game thread for discussion.