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49ers And Cardinals In Somewhat Hilarious Punting Battle

The Cardinals get their first first down of the game off a completion to Larry Fitzgerald. Then it's Tim Hightower on the run and he loses one. Arizona is called on illegal formation, but the 49ers decline and it's second down. John Skelton takes off running after avoiding a sack and gets six yards, giving the Cardinals a 3rd-and-5. From the gun, it's a dumpoff to Hightower on the screen, but he gets nothing and the Cardinals punt again. The ball is downed at the six yard line with a Ted Ginn fair catch.

Arizona has positive yardage at this point, though, after finishing the first quarter with -14 total. Alex Smith hands off to Dixon, who gets three yards on the first down run.  On second down, it's Brian Westbrook with the carry and he picks up two yards of his own. 3rd and a little-more than four to go for the 49ers Smith, with an empty backfield from the shotgun, he fired off a pass far too soon to Brian Westbrook and missed him by at least five yards. Andy Lee punts it 26-yards, which is probably close to an all-time low.

Alex Smith is booed, with a quarterback rating of 156.2. The Cardinals take over on the 49ers 37-yard line.


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