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Battle Of The Basement Rages On, Smith To Ginn Puts 49ers Up 7-0

Arizona begins with a false start and then Skelton is swarmed by Parys Haralson and Justin Smith. He throws it away, but it's called a sack, a nine-yard loss. This man is a pro bowler. On second down, the Cards get four yards and are faced with a 3rd and 20. They spread things out in the shotgun and Manny Lawson swarms Skelton, forces an incompletion and almost gets a safety. The Cardinals punt again and get called for holding. It's a 37-yard punt and the 49ers take over at the Arizona 37-yard line.

On the first play of the 49ers drive, Alex Smith fakes the handoff, stands in the pocket and delivers a perfect strike to Ted Ginn for 37 yards and a touchdown. With the extra point from kicker Jeff Reed, the 49ers lead 7-0 with five minutes remaining in the first quarter. That's one play for 37-yards in seven seconds. Just a beautiful pass from Alex Smith.

The kickoff from Reed goes to Andre Roberts, who takes it at the four-yard line and gets to the 24-yard line.

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