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49ers, Cardinals Exchange Punts Again, With A First Down Thrown In There

The Cardinals take over at the 12-yard line and it's Hightower with the carry, two yards off a toss to the left side. Another run to HIghtower, and Manny Lawson hustles to push him out of bounds with four yards to go. It's a pass to the left side on third down, Parys Haralson is quadruple teamed, of all things, but the pass is incomplete and the Cardinals will be three-and-out again. Ray McDonald almost gets a hand on the punt, it's downed at the 44-yard line, the Cardnals thought they had the ball back, but it bounced off an Arizona plaer, not a 49ers player.

Smith, from under center fakes the handoff and its swarmed, but dumps it off to Vernon Davis, who takes it 17 yards to the 39-yard line, to get the first first down of the game. Anthony Dixon takes the first down carry and picks up ... none. Arizona calls a timeout. From the 39-yard line, Smith hands off to Brian Westbrook, who gets two. From the gun on third down, Smith gets wide receiver Michael Crabtree, but it's only for three yards and the 49ers will punt again, after one first down.

Ahmad Brooks is called on the false start, but the penalty is declined. Andy Lee punts and there's a lot going on at the line, the 49ers get the ball at the one-yard line and it's NaVorro Bowman who got it. Arizona challenged, and it looks like it's going to come back. Yep, Arizona is not charged a timeout and it will be at the twenty-yard line where they begin their drive.

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