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49ers, Cardinals Exchange Opening Drive Punts

Add tight end Stephen Spach to the Cardinals inactives, he suffered a left calf injury in pregame warmups and will not be playing. The Cardinals won the toss and elected to receive. Andre Roberts got the kick at the three and brought it back to the 22-yard line and was brought down by C.J. Spillman.

1st and 10 for Arizona, it's Hightower with the carry and he picks up three. A short pass and the Cardinals have a third down early on, and they get a false start, setting them back to 3rd-and-9. Skelton from the shotgun, and he's swarmed immediately by LB Manny Lawson and CB Shawntae Spencer for a 12-yard loss.The Cardinals elect to punt, and Ted Ginn muffs the punt, his first of the season and the 49ers take over at their own 40.

Smith starting at quarterback, under center he hands off to Brian Westbrook who gets nothing. The 49ers go with the same play on second down and get five. Dockett and Anthony Davis get into it, and Vernon looks like he wants a piece. Ted Ginn catches a four yard pass but it's not enough, the 49ers will elect to punt.

Andy Lee gets the ball to the 12-yard line, where it's fair caught. It's a 39-yard punt.