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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Tyrod Taylor Shrine Game Performance Could Land Him On 49ers Wishlist

2011 NFL Mock draft, Tyrod Taylor East West Shrine Game Performance could land him on the 49ers wishlist. The 49ers could very well be targeting a QB with their first pick in the NFL draft, but there is the possibility that Jim Harbaugh will feel he can draft a QB in the later rounds and help him develop into a star. One of the more interesting late round QB prospects, Tyrod Taylor, is going to be on display in this weekend’s East West Shrine Game.

The Positives: Taylor has great speed and runs like a halfback. He has a very strong arm with a solid pro ready motion. He also does an excellent job of keeping his eyes down field on scrambles.

The Negatives: Taylor is generously listed at six feet. He has never completed more than 60 percent of his passes. He has not played in a pro style offense and does not show the footwork or accuracy to be a pocket passer.

Taylor is going to be hard pressed to grow during this game, but he could certainly help erase some of the other doubts. At Virgina Tech he has not been asked to stand in the pocket and go through progressions. Those skills will be on display this coming weekend.