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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Is Marvin Austin Worth the Risk For the 49ers

2011 NFL Mock Draft, Is Marvin Austin worth the risk for the 49ers? Marvin Austin has first round talent. At least he had first round talent. Austin was suspended and then kicked off of his team. He did not play a single game in 2010.

The 49ers will likely be looking to pick up a defensive tackle in this year’s draft and Austin may come at a bargain price. Austin faces a mountain of character issues and there is no doubt some teams have already crossed him off of their draft boards.

He could go a long way to easing the minds of any interested NFL teams by showing up for the East West Shrine game in-shape and ready to dominate.

Austin participated in his first football practice in four months as he prepared for the Shrine Game. Austin was reported to look fit, but he was also listed as being 315 pounds and not the 305 pounds he was when he last played.

Austin has a lot riding on this game. So, for his sake, when he says, “I’ve been working out, that’s about it,” I hope he means it and if he does, the niners should give him a serious look.

This draft is loaded with defensive line talent. If the 49ers are sold Austin has the heart to succeed in the NFL, it would free them up to use their first pick and maybe even their second on another position. Austin is currently listed anywhere from a second to fourth round pick in mock drafts.