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David Shaw Promoted To Stanford Football Head Coach: Vic Fangio, Greg Roman Dominos To Follow?

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Earlier this afternoon the Stanford Cardinal promoted offensive coordinator David Shaw to head coach of the Cardinal football team. Shaw was a top assistant to Jim Harbaugh and when Harbaugh signed with the 49ers, Shaw was widely expected to succeed him at Stanford.

Now that Harbaugh has moved on, the Cardinal finally got around to taking care of business and getting Shaw into the top role. This coincides with the 49ers interviewing Stanford offensive assistant Greg Roman, potentially for an offensive coordinator type of position. Coach Harbaugh has indicated he’ll do some play-calling during games and the OC role might be occupied by a passing game coordinator and running game coordinator. Roman was in the running game coordinator role at Stanford, although it remains to be seen who was the primary play-caller for the Cardinal.

Now that Shaw has been promoted, some of the 49ers’ coaching dominos will likely fall soon in the form of Roman and potential defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. I’d imagine those hirings will happen tomorrow or Monday at the latest.