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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Asomugha's Voided Contract Opens Up a New Need

2011 NFL mock drafts for the Raiders suddenly find them filling a new position as Nnamdi Asomugha’s voided contract creates the need for a CB. There is still a possibility they bring him back. Even if they do, I can’t see them re-signing he and Stanford Routt and they are right back to the need.

The Raiders spent two later round draft picks on CBs last year. They picked up Walter McFadden and Jeremy Ware. McFadden was flat out horrible in his only real game action. Ware was decent. They both would have to improve to be a competent nickel corner.

If the Raiders are going to draft someone that they realistically expect to come in and be the nickel corner, they’d have to use their second round pick. Third would be pushing it and anything beyond that would just be banking on a wing and a prayer. Let’s take a quick look at who may be available.

Aaron Williams, CB, Texas: Williams is a Junior and has yet to declare. His projections right now make it iffy that he’d still be on the board with the Raiders 49th selection, but it’s close. Williams has the size Davis likes.

He is 6’1 192 lbs. While his 4.4 40 is not Raider speed it is not slow either. Along with his solid coverage skills he is a very good tackler.

Curtis Brown, CB, Texas: Brown is Williams’ Texas teammate. At 6’0 185, he is a little smaller, but faster. Brown runs a 4.33 40. He is projected as going later than Williams, which—to be honest—is surprising. He does not have Williams tackling ability, but he has better hands and he is stellar in coverage.

Jimmy Smith, DB, Colorado: At 6’2 220 lbs., Smith is a big physical corner and he has the tools to excel in bump and run coverage. Smith also has the size to possibly switch to FS. Smith is projected as 2nd-3rd rounder. It will probably be determined by his 40 time, which is listed between 4.4-4.55. This guy would be a solid pick-up in the 3rd, but if he runs slow enough to last there, Al Davis probably won’t want anything to do with him.