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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Post BCS Championship Raiders' Wishlist

2011 NFL mock drafts can now get into full swing. Sure, there is a lot a player can do at the combines, pro days, in interviews or in police reports to effect their draft status. One thing is for certain, their chance to impress scouts on the field before the 2011 draft is over.

There is still plenty of time to get into all the different players the Raiders may look at. Today I want to focus on the players that caught my eye in the BCS championship game.

Let me just say, Nick Fairley caught my eye (and everyone else’s), but there is no way the Raiders will have a chance to draft him.

Jeff Maehl, WR, Oregon: Maehl doesn’t have any eye-popping skills and he didn’t play in an offense that makes a priority of getting the ball to WRs. As a result, there is a good chance Maehl won’t even be drafted. He may have changed that with his championship game performance, but if he is drafted it will be in the 7th round.

I am convinced Maehl can contribute in the NFL. He has great hands, run good routes, has just enough speed and most importantly he seems to have the natural feel for open areas.

Maehl could be the 4th WR for the Raiders that comes in and makes a few key 3rd down catches. He is the kind of guy that QBs would find time and time again on broken plays.

Casey Matthews, ILB, Oregon: Matthews certainly is not as dominant as his brother, Clay, but he looks like he will make in impact somewhere in the NFL.

Mathews is projected anywhere from rounds 4-7 and he is worth a look. He actually reminds me a bit of Travis Goethel. Goethel played ILB at ASU and the Raiders moved him to WLB.

Matthews would bring a nose for the ball and play making to the Raiders and he would likely compete right away for a starting spot with Quentin Groves and Goethel at WLB.