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Vernon Davis On TMZ: 'I Don't Miss Singletary,' and 'Bring In Kyle Orton!'

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It's really hard to take TMZ Sports seriously sometimes, but one cannot deny that they provide the occasional gem and this one is a good one. They caught up with San Francisco 49ers Pro Bowl tight end Vernon Davis and asked him a couple questions, one of them with questionable intent and one of them out of ...  I want to say incompetence, but it was probably just for fun anyway, so who knows!

The questionable intent being the one about Mike Singletary, seeing as how any answer can be interpreted a number of ways. "No" means he either did not like being a player under Singletary, or it could mean he's just happy with the new guy, Jim Harbaugh. "Yes" could mean a number of things as well. Either way, he said he does not, and I think it probably has something to do with him saying that the 49ers were playing "scared" under Mike Singletary.

Incompetence is definitely the Kyle Orton question. I'm sure it's all for fun, but maybe I'm giving these guys too much credit. It's perfectly feasible that a team's tight end will have any inkling of the team's plans for the upcoming free agency which may or may not happen despite the fact that he's "off" right now, right? No, no it's not. It's also not feasible that the 49ers would have a deal in place when it's not allowed at all to make any trades until a new CBA is in place.

Either way, not things I'd expect TMZ to know, but you can always count on them for some entertaining video, which I've embedded after the jump.