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Vernon Davis Is Excited For Jim Harbaugh. Jump With Clothes In Hot Tub Excited.

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San Francisco 49ers All-Pro tight end Vernon Davis and former head coach Mike Singletary didn't have the greatest relationship. Despite the kiss-and-make-up routine after their very public spat, it seemed to be one of the many things that that troubled the Niners through the entire Singletary era. Still, Davis seemed to respond well, racking up 134 catches, 1879 receiving yards and 20 touchdowns in the two seasons following their dispute.

So you'd figure a new coach wouldn't have been that big a deal to him, right? Wrong. When Jim Harbaugh was hired", Davis was ecstastic, and told Raj Mathai of NBC Bay Area how excited he was by the new hire. Read how impressively enthusiastic his reaction after the jump.

The Jim Harbaugh effect: @ says "I jumped in my hot tub w/ my clothes on I was so happy."

And why shouldn't he be? One of the things Harbaugh excelled at with the Stanford Cardinal was his use of the tight ends, as three tight ends caught fifteen passes or more. With Davis being the premier target for the entire receiving corps, he can expect to see a lot of balls thrown his way.

It also seems Davis has that "enthusiasm unknown for mankind" that Harbaugh is known to be fond of. He could hopefully be the first of many recruits for the new Niner head coach credo.