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49ers Fire Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye, Johnson Promoted

The NFL Network originally reported that Mike Singletary pulled the trigger on firing the 49ers offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye. The firing comes after a big loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, a game which saw the team run a series of short pass plays and running plays (including three in a row in the fourth quarter down three touchdowns), clearly frustrating quarterback Alex Smith.

Matt Maiocco of Comcast SportsNet is reporting that quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson is getting the promotion, and will be handling the day-to-day gameplanning and preparation week in and week out.

Mike has everything it takes to be a successful coordinator or head coach in the NFL," Oregon State coach Mike Riley told me last year. "He's got the attention to detail, the character, charisma and physical presence. He's the complete package as a coach and person.

Something had to give for this 0-3 football team, and in this case, it was Jimmy Raye. Let's see if anything can get done with Johnson in there. He has his own philosophies, and one can imagine that the base offense will still be the same, but one can also wonder what will be different. Suppose we have to look forward to Atlanta for that.