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Chiefs Beat 49ers Senseless Up And Down The Football Field

The San Francisco 49ers couldn't get anything done against the Chiefs in their week three matchup. The Chiefs dominated every aspect of the football game in such a way that the Seattle Seahawks did in week one.

On offense, the offensive line was abysmal. Rookie right tackle Anthony Davis and starting right guard Chilo Rachal were invisible, being consistently beat, while the rest of the line stayed their course of "have one good play, then have one bad play," throughout the entirety of the game. No run blocking, no pass blocking, and no fight at all. The unit looked uninspired as a whole.

Bad offensive line play led to bad production from quarterback Alex Smith and running back Frank Gore. Passes were incomplete, Smith had to scramble on virtually every play and was done no favors by his line or receivers. Frank Gore was stuffed on basically every run play. The offense did nothing, and it all starts with the line up front.

Defensively, they started strong, the entire unit bringing pressure and doing well to make key stops, but eventually, the offense's inability to sustain a drive drained them of all of their juice. They just lost it as it went along, even star linebacker Patrick Willis wasn't playing to his usual intensity, slowing down at crucial points and generally looking as deflated as the rest of the defense.

Special teams didn't fare much better, they made some good stops and looked to be handling a tough Chiefs return game, in between huge returns that left the unit as deflated as the rest. It was, all-in-all, a poor showing by the 49ers, who are now 0-3 to start their season and firmly planted in the bottom of the NFC West.