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McCluster Vs. Willis: It's On

So back in February at the scouting combine Chiefs sparkling rookie RB Dexter McCluster shared some stories with the media about his time at Ole Miss. One of these stories was when he was a freshman and teammate Patrick Willis was an upperclassman. McCluster said he made Willis "look silly" at one point that year with some slippery moves. Before the game Sunday, McCluster had a warning for Willis.

"I have a little more experience under my belt," he said. "So I hope he's ready."

No telling if this was a challenge or just McCluster being the jokester that he is, but I'm hoping Willis takes it as the former. This was Willis' response:

“If you've been a defensive player playing football all your life and you've never been juked, there's something wrong,” Willis said, according to the report. “Offensive guys are going to make plays. Defensive guys are going to make plays. But we'll see this Sunday.

"It's us against them. It's not about me and McCluster at Ole Miss. It's the 49ers and Chiefs."

I'm hoping that Willis' eyeballs were red and steam was coming out of his ears when he said this. I have this vision of McCluster doing his little dance he did at the end of his "Don't Text and Drive" commercial and Willis promptly leveling him on Sunday, LOL'ing all the way.

And seriously, McCluster, I know that commercial has a good message and everything, but that was pretty awful, the kind of commercial that ends careers.