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The Lost Singletary-O'Donnell Clip

After the 49ers lost in horrific fashion to the Seattle Seahawks in Week One, KPIX Channel 5 sports anchor Dennis O'Donnell asked Mike Singletary some simple questions that needed to be asked. One, what's the deal with Jimmy Raye and two, what's the deal with Alex Smith (pre-Week Two)? O'Donnell even buttered up Jimmy Raye while asking the questions, saying the Niner coaches "meticulously describe how their offense runs" and "each time I meet him (Raye) I come away with the impression that this guy has a real handle on what he's doing, he wouldn't be in the NFL this long if he did not." Singletary then proceeded to explode, clearly irritated that O'Donnell dared address any concerns related to the team whatsoever. It was almost comical...what is not comical is O'Donnell has since lost his post as lead anchor of that particular segment, KPIX deciding to wither under Singletary's fiery glare instead of nobly standing strong as a symbol of journalistic integrity.

Anyway, you know my stance on this. Here is the clip, which has consequently been removed from the KPIX and Contra Costa Times websites. Thank God for the Wide World of Youtube. Watch it while you can, before the Niners organization gets its slimy paws on it.