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Ronnie Lott Explains Giving Pregame Pep Talk To Saints

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As many of you have probably heard by now, Hall of Famer and 49ers icon Ronnie Lott gave a pregame pep talk to the New Orleans Saints before their game against the Niners on Monday Night...a game in which the Saints won. Lott has received a lot of criticism for the decision, but he tried to explain himself yesterday in an interview with Sacramento radio station KHTK.

Lott said he did the interview out of respect for the game, as the Saints asked him about repeating as champions and he remembered how hard it was for the 49ers when he was with the team in the glory years. It also appears he did it because he's just a darn gone nice person, his dad noting, "Why would you not lend a hand to make the world better for someone else?" (the Niners Nation world apparently was forgotten)

Asked if he had conducted pep talks for the 49ers, Lott said he had, but the example he gave was that he talks with Taylor Mays all the time. Big deal.

I'm sorry Ronnie, but none of this makes that decision any easier to digest. And your timing couldn't have been any worse. Atleast talk to them after they play the Niners or something. Who knows, maybe the Saints couldn't have eked out that win Monday without the wise words of Ronnie ringing in their helmets.