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NFC West Playoff Picture, Week 13: 49ers Still Technically Maybe Possibly In This

You might be sick of hearing it at this point - but the 49ers are only two games back of the NFC West division lead. It didn't help that they lost big time to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, but it did not totally eliminate them from contention. The 49ers still play the Seahawks, Rams and Cardinals one more time and can help themselves with wins over all three of them. Sitting at 4-8, the best the Niners can hope for is 8-8, and that might be enough in the NFC West, much to the chagrin of commentators everywhere, if you were listening in on the game.

Both the Seahawks and Rams won on Sunday, beating the Cardinals (putting the latter even further to the bottom of the division) and the Panthers, a team that beat the 49ers earlier this season. This will make things that much more difficult for the 49ers. Still, it's a longshot at best and it's about time everyone stops the NFL-math and realizes that the 49ers are likely not going to be in the playoffs this season.

49ers owner Jed York is adamant that the 49ers are still in this, he's insisting - even following the 49ers 34 - 16 loss to the Packers - that the team can still make it. He's technically right, but do with that what you will.