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NFL Fantasy Football, Week 13 Summary: Be Careful Starting Your 49ers

The 49ers didn't come into the game against the Green Bay Packers with the best of gameplans. They didn't get things going in the manner they should have - which is what was mostly expected. Let's take a look at how the 49ers did as far as fantasy is concerned.

QB Troy Smith

If you had listened to our advice, Troy Smith should have been on your bench. It would have been the correct move. Troy was 10-for-25 with 195 yards and one touchdown against one interception. Far from a productive fantasy quarterback this past week.

Verdict: Sit 'em, Hindsight: Sit 'em

RB Brian Westbrook

Westbrook only picked up 31 yards, and was out-gained by the rookie, Anthony Dixon. He was used just as predicted: in blitz pickup. Sitting him was the right thing to do.

Verdict: Sit 'em, Hindsight: Sit 'em

TE Vernon Davis

Despite a potentially game-changing drop, Vernon Davis came up big for San Francisco with 4 receptions for 126 yards and a touchdown, including a 66 yard bomb in the second quarter. He's the only player predicted as a start 'em, did you listen?

Verdict: Start 'em, Hindsight: Start 'em

WR Michael Crabtree

Michael Crabtree didn't have a terrible game at 3 receptions for 45 yards, but he was not a good fantasy guy on Sunday and we didn't figure he'd be leading up to the game. Hope your roster of wide receivers is a good one ...

Verdict: Sit 'em, Hindsight: Sit 'em

49ers Defense

It was possible that the unit could perform, coming off a big performance versus the Cardinals and they almost did. The defensive line and the linebackers were great - they applied pressure and they defended the pass well. Then the secondary broke down and everything went downhill from there.

Verdict: Sit 'em, Hindsight: Sit 'em