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Packers Lead A Lot To Not A Lot Over 49ers

The Niners almost came up big twice on one drive. Troy Smith threw a beautiful pass to Vernon Davis, but contrary to the commentator's beliefs, it was just dropped by the tight end and not jarred loose. It was one of the best passes I've seen, and Davis couldn't come up with it. That was followed up with a third down play where Smith went deep to wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. and Ginn got it, but couldn't keep both feet in bounds.

While the referees were considering whether or not Ginn was in bounds, the 49ers cocked their shotgun and commenced preparations for shooting themselves in the foot. Andy Lee has a terrible punt and now the Packers have good field position with which to blow this game wide open.

They use some good screens, some "extended handoffs," and some fullback runs to pick up a first down or two. They got within range and eventually put a field goal through to extend their lead.

Niners Nation has their gameday discussion, so go there for that.