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Greg Jennings Comes Up With Another, Packers Lead 28-16

The 49ers last field goal was almost heroic. They were bringing themselves within range and they fought for every yard. Then Aaron Rodgers happened again, and almost effortlessly took the Packers down into the red zone, the three yard line. Greg Jennings then capped things off with an easy touchdown grab on third and short. It seems like nothing the 49ers can do on offense will matter so long as the secondary continues to play such a shoddy game.

You have good performance from your line and your linebackers, they continue to apply consistent coverage. Takeo Spikes is in on at least ten tackles. Ahmad Brooks is playing up to fine form and is being the linebacker the 49ers want, but the safeties and corners cannot get things done and the Packers extended their lead further to 28-16 over the 49ers.

Niners Nation still has their gameday thread if you feel like crying or something like that, it's here.