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49ers Get Field Goal, Trail 21-16

The 49ers begin to slowly drive downfield, or at least were able to convert a third down with a big completion to tight end Vernon Davis. Followed up by a first down from backup tight end from Delanie Walker, and then some hard running from rookie running back Anthony Dixon. More hard running, but it was followed up by predictable play calling. The 49ers ran a draw play on second down that got nowhere with Brian Westbrook, and then they rolled Troy Smith out to the right side on third down and he missed Michael Crabtree badly. Jeff Reed has gone 3-for-3 though with this good field goal and the 49ers trail 21-16.

San Francisco needed a field goal to bring themselves within one possession and are now poised to get the lead with a touchdown. Whether or not they can actually do that is totally up to them.

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