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Packers Score Again, Lead 49ers 21-13

After the 49ers score before the half, the Packers almost responded again with more points on the board. Aaron Rodgers put the ball in the air, and after being bobbled a bit it was eventually brought down by a Green Bay receiver around the twenty-yard line, well within field goal range (providing no misses from Mason Crosby), but the play was whistled dead on a defensive penalty against the 49ers. So with the neutral zone infraction, they were able to get a three-and-out and bring themselves back on the field. Surreal. The half ended with the 49ers trailing the Packers 14-13.

The Packers got the ball to start the half and slowly made their way downfield. On second and long, Aaron Rodgers noted the pressure and made an adjustment for the blitz, and the 49ers rush up the middle got nothing ... but it did leave Donald Driver wide open downfield and Rodgers hits him in stride. The 49ers miss two tackles, Driver spins and makes it to the endzone even though he's tackled by either the third or fourth 49er to get near him. Shoddy tackling and shoddy coverage gives the Packers a 21-13 lead over the 49ers.

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