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Packers Score, 49ers Respond And Trail 14-13

The commentators are saying it best now: the 49ers are bleeding slowly. Or perhaps they're bleeding a little faster than previously anticipated. The 49ers are giving up big play after big play, Aaron Rodgers is moving the offense downfield. Green Bay got a 37-yard screen pass out of Brandon Jackson that took them to the 1-yard line.  Cue a yard from the fullback and the Packers have another touchdown. It took about fifteen seconds for the referees to call it a touchdown, which is certainly questionable. It's true they have to confer, but they took so long, one has to wonder how that happened. Mike Singletary considers challenging it, but eventually declines to do so. A Mason Crosby extra point puts the Packers up 14-6 over the 49ers.

And just before I publish this update, the 49ers answer back. Incomplete pass on first down was followed by sixty-six touchdown pass to tight end Vernon Davis to bring the 49ers within one of the Packers after the extra point, and the stadium is once again quiet. Almost unreal. The 49ers remain in this game with a score of 14-13.

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