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Packers Get Free Play And Make The Best Of It, Lead 7-6

Tarrel Brown has left the field after an injury, he's been the 49ers nickel back throughout this game. Backup running back James Starks is getting some good yardage for the Packers, and the 49ers defense is getting some good pressure on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  The Packers get a free play on third down when Ahmad Brooks jumps offsides after Green Bay went to the no huddle, and Rodgers puts the ball up into the air, and Greg Jennings was the guy to go up and get it and bring it down for a 57-yard touchdown completion. The extra point is good and the Packers now lead the 49ers 7-6.

The no huddle is confusing the 49ers thus far, two times on that drive they had a player offsides. Aubrayo Franklin and Ahmad Brooks both jumped offsides, Franklin getting called for encroachment.

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