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Jim Harbaugh Favorite In Vegas For San Francisco 49ers Coaching Job

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The chatter for Stanford Cardinal head coach Jim Harbaugh has continued to grow over the past few weeks, particularly with regards to the Michigan Wolverines job still occupied by Rich Rodriguez (a man who might not coach past his Gator Bowl game). But with Mike Singletary being fired by the San Francisco 49ers, an even sweeter opportunity has emerged for Harbaugh to leverage his success in Palo Alto to a pro football gig.


That chatter seems to be reflected the odds in Las Vegas. Harbaugh is now listed as a two to one favorite (bet one dollar to win two) to be the next 49er head coach. Jon Gruden is listed at +450 (bet two dollars to win nine) and isn't considered a top priority for the Niners, and Bill Cowher is a longshot at +1000 (bet one dollar to win ten). You can see the entire set of odds at BoDog.


However, it should be noted that Vegas has "Any other coach" at -300. So despite the murmurs coming across the league, it still looks like Harbaugh still hasn't quite solidified as a "lock" for the job. (Thanks to Samuel Lam, our old friend at SBN Bay Area for the update)