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NFL Fantasy Football, Week 13: Oakland Raiders Start 'em or Sit 'em

I gotta be honest, looking at any Oakland Raider to start for you right now is probably not going to be your first choice. Still, desperate times call for playing guys on offensive that are playing like it is the off-season. Here’s a look at some possibilities for the Raiders.

QB Jason Campbell:

The Chargers are only allowing one touchdown pass per game. That is the fourth fewest in the NFL and they allow the second fewest passing yards in the league. Throw in the fact that Zach Miller is playing on one leg and look out.

Prognosis: Sit em

RB Darren McFadden

Darren McFaden missed the Week Four contest with the Charger, but the Michael Bush rushed for four yards a carry. Still, with the disappearing run game, this is a risky play. Keep in mind, that last week he had 7 catches for 63 yards, as the Raiders made an effort to get him the ball when the running game stalled.

Prognosis: Start ’em

TE Zach Miller

Due to a bum plantar fascia, it’s gone from Miller High Life to Miller Lite. Miller has been unable to stretch the field deep or anywhere for that matter. The Raiders would love to get him the ball more, but this injury is not going away on its own.

Prognosis: Sit ’em

WR Jacoby Ford

The Chargers have been playing great pass D. Especially against the WRs. Jacoby has been the only bright spot as of late and at least is getting to the point where he is considered a start. It might be good to give him a one more week trial run before counting on him though.

Prognosis: Sit ’em

WR Louis Murphy

Murphy was the only WR that caught a pass in the previous game with the Chargers. He has yet to get back into the flow of the offense since his return from injury. Again, the Chargers also do an excellent job of defending WRs.

Prognosis: Sit ’em