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49ers-Packers: San Francisco Needs To Win To Stay In NFC West Race

The San Francisco 49ers are 4 - 7 thus far this season. Four-and-seven is not a good record by any stretch of the imagination, but in the dismal NFC West, the record is good for third place in the division. After giving the Arizona Cardinals a beatdown, they've moved down to fourth place and the 49ers sit just one game back of the division lead.

It's a longshot, it's almost unattainable, it's scary to even think about it at times - but it's still possible, and much more possible than a team like the Texans hoping for a Colts collapse every season. The Rams and Seahawks don't have the easiest schedules going forward, though neither do the 49ers.

St. Louis and Seattle sit at 5 - 6 apiece, and this week will be playing some of the easier games on the schedule. The Rams play the Cardinals, the team the 49ers just beat 27 - 6, while the Seahawks play the lowly Carolina Panthers, definitely a winnable contest for them.

The Bay's own San Francisco 49ers, though, they're playing the Green Bay Packers, one of the elite teams in the NFC. San Francisco will need to come out on top in this game to remain in the NFC West race. Think we can eliminate the possibility of a wild card berth?