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NFL Week 17 Bay Area TV Schedule: Raiders-Chiefs, Buccaneers-Saints, 49ers-Cardinals

Here are the games that'll be televised in the Bay Area, courtesy of the 506.

1 PM, CBS: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs
1 PM, FOX: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints
4:15 PM, CBS: No game. Blacked out locally because the 49ers are at home.
4:15 PM, FOX: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers
8:15 PM, NBC: St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Well then. Three games, none of which really have any immediate playoff implications. Should be a joy for non-49ers and non-Raiders fans.

Bay Area fans don't really have anything to cheer about this week. The 49ers and Raiders have already been eliminated from the playoffs. The Chiefs have clinched the AFC West, so the Raiders can't play spoiler. It'll just be a lot of garbage football by one team playing for nothing and another playing for next year. The Cardinals are even worse than the 49ers, so this is pretty much a battle for lower draft status--whoever wins probably earns a better draft pick.

Only the Tampa-New Orleans could have any potential playoff implications; the Saints could win the NFC South in the unlikely scenario the Falcons lose to the hapless Panthers. Ultimately, most of the games today are for seeding purposes other than the Sunday night game. Non-Raider and non-Niner fans better hit the bars though if they want to see their teams vie for playoff positioning.