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San Francisco 49ers Coaching Watch: Jed York Focusing On Jon Gruden, Jim Harbaugh

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Sources tell San Jose Mercury News's TIm Kawakami that the San Francisco 49ers owner already has his two primary candidates for the head coaching position

After talking w-2 NFL sources today, can reiterate Jed York seems focused on Gruden & Harbaugh, which might tell us about true GM options.

Gruden seems like the obvious choice. His Monday Night Football gig for this season just ended, so he'll probably get his interview as early as possible. With Gruden's Bay Area roots as a pro coach and his relative youth working in his factor, York may very well have someone who could revitalize the franchise and give it the kickstart it's needed. Of course, it remains to be seen whether Gruden is interested in leaving his laidback lifestyle as a TV analyst.

Harbaugh also has the youth factor, although is pro credentials aren't as bona fide as Gruden's. It does appear now that the Singletary firing was time sensitive; as we discussed earlier, Michigan will probably be interested in talking with the former Wolverine alum, and that discussion could come as early as this weekend. Would York be able to entice Harbaugh with a better package than what Michigan could possibly offer?

Additionally, Matt Maiocco has tweeted that despite the talks of a new general manager being hired, unless the new GM and York agree on who the new head coach should be, he has no chance on getting hired. The vision of who the future head coach is will remain that of the Yorks, probably to the dismay of all the 49ers fans.