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NFL Fantasy Football Week 16: San Francisco 49ers Recap

QB Troy Smith

The advice was to not start Troy Smith, and it ended up being the right advice. He was pulled in the fourth quarter, after going 7-of-19 for 153 yards with one touchdown against one interception. Troy did not have a good day, and his time as a starter has probably come to an end.

Outlook: Sit 'em, Hindsight: Sit 'em

RB Brian Westbrook/Anthony Dixon

Once again, the call was to sit 'em both, and it was, once again, the right one. Even combined, they come out with 16 rushes for 57 yards with no touchdowns. Hope you listened to me!

Outlook: Sit 'em, Hindsight: Sit 'em

TE Vernon Davis

Davis had a semi-productive day. He caught three passes for 70 yards, and you can do worse than that every single week. He did not deliver a touchdown, but he was solid and a solid starting option in deep leagues.

Outlook: Start 'em, Hindsight: Start 'em

WR Michael Crabtree

Of course, I said he could break out but it was smart to sit 'em. So he catches six passes for 122 yards and a touchdown. Mike Singletary moved to 0-9 when a 49ers player has more than 100 yards receiving.

Outlook: Sit 'em, Hindsight: Start 'em

WR Josh Morgan

Morgan was virtually nonexistent, but then again Crabtree was catching the few passes that were catchable.

Outlook: Start 'em, Hindsight: Sit 'em

49ers Defense

It wasn't a terrible day for the 49ers defense, but it could have been better. Could have been a lot worse, too. You probably didn't do too well if you didn't start them, either way. 

Outlook: Sit 'em, Hindsight: Sit 'em