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Jed York, Jim Tomsula Speak To The Media

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On Monday, Jed York introduced interim head coach Jim Tomsula to the media and fielded several questions from the media regarding where the organization was heading throughout the last week of the season, the offseason and the future. York was adamant that every decision being made was not just for 2011, but to build a successful franchise for years to come.

After taking the podium to introduce him, it was all Tomsula, who was very reigned in. He expressed his respect for Mike Singletary, and noted that every player in the locker room had something to thank him for. It was also made clear that he was on a one-week timetable, and nothing further. Everything he will be doing is preparation to beat the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, the final game of the 49ers season after missing the playoffs once again. 

Tomsula is a likable guy, and many consider him to be a fine defensive line coach. He quickly apologized to Jed for not having a suit and tie for the press conference, after being informed of his interim role while watching film, he didn't leave the team headquarters and stayed overnight. He's also a guy that Jed vouched for when talking about returning staff.

It's the plan, according to York, that the 49ers will hire a new general manager to run things. This GM would be making the head coaching hire, and Jed will stay out of the way when that hire is being made. When the question of Jim Tomsula's job security going forward came up, Jed showed a lot of professionalism by saying, right in front of him, that it would be up to the new general manager and that no job was necessarily safe. He did, however, go on to note that Jim was great at what he did, and he thought he was a guy who could stick at any organization he happened to be at, so one can expect he'll recommend that Tomsula remain with the organization if the new general manager and head coach do not have a guy they expressly desire.

Jed appears to be maturing as a president, as an owner. He instantly was a little defensive when asked a question by Lowell Cohn, and the buzz around 49ers fans is that this was admirable. He admitted that he probably needed some help, and will ask around the other owners and GMs around the league. Ties with the Kraft family and his uncle, Eddie DeBartolo would be the chief sources of advice. In fact, "My uncle," was a prominent topic of reference and discussion, which can only mean good things for 49ers fans.

See Niners Nation for more on the press conference, with a transcript to arrive shortly.