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Mike Singletary Fired: Jim Tomsula Named Interim Head Coach

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Twitter is in a frenzy and everything is saying the same thing. Matt Maiocco and David White have both been quoted on their respective Twitters (here and here, and now there's an official press release going out) that Singletary is done as the head coach of the 49ers. Jed York informed him of the decision when the 49ers arrived to the team practice facility and when he refused to resign. He's too proud for that, apparently, and now with one week to go, he's been canned.

Singletary has been on watch since the 49ers began the season at an abysmal 0-5 after such high expectations in the offseason. The team was the favorite to win the division before the season began, and they fell short of that on Sunday with a loss to the St. Louis Rams, a game that would have set the 49ers up to take the division against a very beatable Arizona Cardinals team in week seventeen, and allow them to march into the playoffs at 7-9.

But Jed York was upset, and it was a foregone conclusion immediately following the game that Singletary would be let go, it was just a matter of when: before the final game, or after the season? Looks like Jed was upset enough to make the switch. Citing a number of reasons, York was most upset with the lack of preparation and feels the team is better than its record indicates, and that of course goes back to coaching. Following the Rams game, Jed stated that the team was in the market for a new general manager, one that would hire on his own coaching staff.

Jim Tomsula has been named the interim head coach for the week seventeen game against the Cardinals. He's the 49ers defensive line coach, and one of the more respected coaches on the team. He's also the only one in the organization with head coaching experience - in NFL Europe. He and Jed York are scheduled to meet with the media noon on Monday.