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Troy Smith Argues With Mike Singletary, Eventually Benched For Alex Smith

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The biggest impediment to success for the San Francisco 49ers has been their instability at the quarterback position, and it continued on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams. Other than a spectacular grab and run by Michael Crabtree to give the Niners their only lead of the game at 14-12 (and even THAT was probably an overthrow intended for tight end Vernon Davis), starting quarterback Troy Smith struggled mightily. He continued to miss receivers, not read routes properly, and make questionable decisions with the ball.

After another tough series by Smith where he threw an interception to Oshiomogho Atogwe, coach Mike Singletary seemed to have enough, and went after him on the sidelines. Check the video after the jump.

  (via thebsoreport)

It seemed to sum up a season of frustration for a team that was supposed to finally make the leap. Ted Ginn Jr. trying to stuff Smith with a towel is particularly poignant.

Although he stayed on for a few more series (and for Niners fans, perhaps TOO many series), Troy was benched for Alex Smith, who immediately led the Niners on a quick scoring drive to bring them within 5.  The starting Smith finished the game 7 for 19 for 153 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception.

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