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49ers 17, Rams 25: Alex Plays, Teams Exchange Field Goals

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Alex Smith's first pass is complete, a swing pass to Brian Westbrook, who gets five yards, then picks up eight on a run on the left side. The 49ers spread it out on first down and Alex fires a beautiful pass to the left side, right where it needs to be for 34 yards and a first down. Westbrook picks up about a yard on the next play, a toss to the right side. Then Westbrook again, but he gets nothing on the screen pass, and it loses yardage. Alex didn't een look downfield on the play. Jeff Reed is coming out again to try and kick a 47-yarder, after missing a 34-yarder earlier. It's good this time and the 49ers try and close the gap a little and trail 22-17.

One has to wonder why the switch was made to Troy Smith in the first place if you're just going to make the switch on gameday back to Alex. The 49ers kick off, and the Rams get a huge return, only rookie Thaddeus Gibson was able to stop and make the tackle. Amendola takes the kickoff 84 yards and the wind is sucked out of the 49ers. This is a special teams unit that has seen marked improvement the past few weeks, too.

Either way, the Rams work to a third down and then get ready for another field goal. It's good, and they lead by eight once again.

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