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49ers Give Up A Touchdown, Get Reprieve, Give It Up Again

The 49ers start their drive with two runs and end up with a 3rd and 2. Troy gets swarmed, loses the football and the 49ers barely recover. Three and out to start their possession. Once again, Alex Smith is warming up on the sidelines. Looks like he'll be going in.

But first, the Rams have a possession, and they get a first down after two passes to wide receiver Danario Alexander. Then, it's Danario Alexander with a 49 yard touchdown reception on terrible coverage from Shawntae Spencer. Alexander goes up in the air, catches the ball and lands short of the goal line. Spencer casually attempts to touch him before turning and walking away, Alexander gets up and jogs into the end-zone. Singletary challenged and it appears there might have been some stepping out of bounds. The referees affirm Singletary's thoughts and the ball is spotted at the three-yard line.

Bradford is chased a little on the next play, but ultimately has no trouble throwing the quick three-yard touchdown pass. It looks as though Alex Smith is coming in for San Francisco.

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