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Jeff Reed Misses Field Goal, Rams Hold On To 15-14 Lead In Fourth

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Just when everyone is calling for Troy Smith to be benched, he responds with a 29-yard completion to Vernon Davis followed by a 24-yard strike to Michael Crabtree. It's followed, though, by two incompletions to bring up 3rd-and-10. Te 49ers play it safe to get a field goal and dump it off to Crabtree for six yards. Jeff Reed takes the field for a 34-yard attempt, and misses it wide left and the 49ers do not re-take the lead.

Now it's time for the Rams, and they begin with an 11-yard pass to star the drive and end the third quarter. Bradford goes way deep and the 49ers defensive backs do nothing. Luckily, the pass is off target and it brings up second down. Steven Jackson gets three yards on the next play, and then Amendola gets three yards before Dashon Goldson shoots in and takes him out. The Rams punt, and the 49ers have the ball inside the twenty.

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