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49ers Still Trailing By One, Rams Lead 15-14

Troy Smith remains in, probably due to some intangible like Mike SIngletary being fond of his fire or some such after Troy argued with him on the sidelines. The 49ers are faced with an early third down on this drive, and Troy handles it ... not-so-good. He could have taken off and ran it, but he hesitated. The 49ers punt.

Now the Rams are driving down the field, three first downs with the passing game, wide open receivers and the like. Then the Rams were called for offensive pass interference. This is followed by a third down, and then an incompletion again. The Rams are called on a chop block but the 49ers decline and the Rams punt. Their are called on fair catch interference, and a very late flag. The 49ers have the ball and trail by one.

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