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49ers Lead Rams 14-12 At The Half

Shawntae Spencer caught a high Sam Bradford pass, but just barely failed to keep his feet in bounds on first down following the 49ers score. The Rams would fail to convert their third down courtesy of Patrick Willis having an actual, factual license to kill. Tarell Brown then made a good play on special teams to stop an Andy Lee punt before going into the endzone. The boo birds are out in St. Louis and they disagree heavily with the Rams decision to run it.

Troy Smith isn't playing great, but he did have a couple good receptions. Isn't that why Troy is the starter right now in place of Alex Smith, because he can make those big throws in timely situations? Either way, at 4-for-10 going into the third quarter, one has to wonder if Alex might be on alert and Singletary could make a change. It was perceived that Troy would have a very short leash and that performance would seem justifiable for a benching, if you feel like being totally strict.

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