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49ers 14, Rams 7: Field Goal Extends St. Louis Lead, Then Crabtree Surges

Following Ted Ginn Jr's 78-yard punt return touchdown, the Rams began driving downfield. Sam Bradford was able to pull two first downs off, and in the end it was enough for them to get away with three points when the 49ers made the stop on third down. The Rams extended their lead with the kick and it's 12 - 7 in the second quarter.

Just getting started on these updates, if you are just tuning in for the game (which by the way, is on), the Rams scored earlier off a Steven Jackson run and they also caught Troy Smith in the endzone for a safety, of all things. Add in the aforementioned field goal, and you have your score.

The 49ers took possession following the field goal and it was almost disastrous. The ball was stripped from Troy Smith on a sack and he lost it, but the 49ers retained possession. This was followed by a decent run and then ... a 49ers timeout. Not looking good for San Francisco in that regard. Of course, it's followed by a 25-yard reception for tight end Vernon Davis to convert the third down. A negative run from Anthony Dixon, then an incomplete pass and the 49ers are facing third down once again. Troy Smith drops back, has pressure and fires over to Michael Crabtree on the right side who takes it sixty yards for a touchdown reception and now the 49ers have the lead with 14.