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Troy Smith Is Starting, But Could We See Alex?

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Alright, so Troy Smith is starting at quarterback for the 49ers, it's not officially confirmed by Mike Singletary. There's a lot of reasons as to why he'd go with Troy, but likewise there's quite a few as to why he shouldn't go with him. Like any decision a 5-9 team can make, it's a double-edged sword.

Mike Singletary likes Troy's ability to make things happen. He already beat the Rams once this season, and lit them up for a good chunk of yardage. Without Frank Gore, it will be a tough test and it's likely Singletary wanted to go with the best chance to get big yardage at any moment. Alex Smith is more of a game manager, and it appears, at this point, to just be a manner of philosophy.

Alex Smith has had his chance, according to Singletary. The coach has done all he can for the kid, you see. It's time to move on, but it appears as though Troy Smith will be on a short lease. He's in there to make the exciting throws and get things done where Alex Smith's complacency won't do, but when those throws start going to places he doesn't intend, or maybe when he makes a bad decision, he may get right back to the bench.

Some of the fans don't want the playoffs, they want to lose and maintain the draft positioning. Not Mike Singletary, his goal is two wins, two more wins and then he can focus on the playoffs, and if Troy Smith, an inexperienced quarterback, begins to show signs of letting the game get away from him, you can expect Mike Singletary to pull the figurative plug right away. Singletary said he's much more confident going from Troy to Alex than Alex to Troy.

Another possibility remains: could we be seeing both Alex and Troy without bad quarterback play from Troy? It's an odd thing to consider, but it's probably a possibility from San Francisco's desperate coaching staff. Offensive coordinator Mike Johnson has noted that Troy excelled at moving the ball downfield while Alex knows what he's doing in the red zone. It's a match made in heaven, right?