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Source Names Troy Smith Starter On Sunday

49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary has been tight-lipped of late, more so than usual anyway. He announced that he knew who the starting quarterback was going to be when they travel to St. Louis to play the Rams on Sunday, and he also announced that he wasn't going to tell you, so there. However, NFL Network's Jason LaConfora broke the news that Troy Smith would be starting for San Francisco.

Troy returns after being benched in favor of Alex Smith, who he replaced due to an injury in the first place. Alex had what is perhaps the best statistical game of his career this season against the Seattle Seahawks, but followed it up with a lackluster performance on Thursday Night Football against the San Diego Chargers just last week. Still, there are those who believe Alex still gives them the most options to succeed, be it his accuracy or complete knowledge of the playbook as the reason.

Getting the start over Alex has some precedence for Troy though, he'll be playing the Rams for the second time this season, and the first time he played well enough to get the win. It's a pivotal matchup for the 49ers, who absolutely need a win to further their playoff chances.

It really does speak to disarray though, week sixteen with playoffs on the line and the 49ers are making changes at the quarterback position.