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NFL Power Rankings Week 16: 49ers, Raiders Both Drop In Quizzical Power Rankings

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SB Nation released their NFL Power Rankings for week 16 and there were some interesting results, particularly as applied to the Oakland Raiders that have me pondering this past weekend’s results.

After defeating the Denver Broncos 39-23, the new power rankings actually dropped the Raiders a spot from No. 18 to No. 19:

19. Oakland Raiders (7-7): The Raiders beat up on the Broncos, 39-23. Is beating the Broncos by two scores even impressive anymore? LW: 18

One thing to note is that the writer who put these together is one of the founds of Arrowhead Pride, our Chiefs blogs. I don’t know if it’s unintended bias, but the ranking did seem a bit odd to me. He left the Dolphins and Buccaneers in their same spot after their tough home losses, and he only dropped the Texans one spot after their loss to Tennessee. Given the Texans are now 5-9, I’m surprised they remained ahead of the Raiders. As for the Dolphins, they seemed to give up at times on Sunday and deserved some kind of punishing drop. Such is life.

On the other side of the Bay, the 49ers dropped two spots as I expected so nothing too quizzical there:

26. San Francisco 49ers (5-9): That was an ugly game against the Chargers on Thursday night. Somehow, the 49ers are still alive in the NFC West at 5-9. LW: 2

The 49ers square off with the Rams this week in a divisoinal showdown with potentially huge implications in the insane NFC West race. If the Rams win, the 49ers are eliminated from playoff contention. If the 49ers win, the Rams would be on the verge of elimination and the 49ers would have a chance to move closer towards an improbable division title. All in a days work for the 2010 NFC West