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2011 NFL Draft Order: 49ers Could Pick Top Ten or No. 21!

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SB Nation posted the current 2011 NFL Draft order in advance of tonight's Monday Night Football contest and the San Francisco 49ers would currently have the seventh selection thanks to holding all the necessary tiebreakers against fourth other teams. The Oakland Raiders do not have a first round choice in 2011 because of the Richard Seymour trade with the New England Patriots.

What's particularly interesting about the 49ers draft position is how wildly it could change in the next two weeks. In spite of their abysmal 5-9 record, the 49ers currently sit one game out of first place in the NFC West. If the 49ers were to finish 7-9 and in at least a tie with the Seattle Seahawks and/or the St. Louis Rams, they would hold the necessary tiebreakers to in the division (head-to-head against the Rams and divisional record against the Seahawks). If that were to happen, the 49ers would automatically drop to at least the 21st pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. All playoff teams automatically slot to the back of the pack, with the Super Bowl winner and runner-up taking the last two picks.

It's certainly reasonable to thus see why some people are rooting against a 49ers return to the playoffs. I'm not one of those people, but I see where they're coming from. I've posted the entire draft order after the jump.

1. Carolina (2-12)
2.Denver (3-11)
3. Cincinnati (3-11)
4. Arizona (4-10)
5. Detroit (4-10)
6. Buffalo (4-10)
7. San Francisco (5-9)
8. Washington (5-9)
9. Dallas (5-9)
10. Houston (5-9)
11. Cleveland (5-9)
12. Seattle (6-8) 
13. Tennessee (6-8)
14. Minnesota (5-8)**
15. New England - from Oakland (7-7)
16. Miami (7-7)
17. San Diego (8-6)
18. Jacksonville (8-6)
19. Tampa Bay (8-6)
20. Green Bay (8-6)
21. St. Louis* (6-8)
22. Indianapolis* (8-6)
23. Kansas City* (9-5)
24. Chicago* (9-4)**
25. New York Giants* (10-4)
26. New York Jets* (10-4)
27. Baltimore* (10-4)
28. New Orleans* (10-4)
29. Philadelphia* (10-4)
30. Pittsburgh* (10-4)
31. Atlanta* (12-2)
32. New England* (12-2)

One asterisk denotes a team currently in the playoffs. The draft order for those teams will depend on how they do in the postseason. Two asterisks means the team is yet to play its Week 15 game.