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NFL Injury and Roster Update: Oakland Raiders Place Bruce Gradkowski On IR

Bruce Gradkowski, who separated his shoulder on the last offensive play of the Riaders’ loss to the Dolphins, has been placed on the IR. Coach Tom Cable is unsure if Gradkowski is going to have surgery on his shoulder or not. Gradkowski had all suffered through and then recovered from one shoulder separation this season. It took him five weeks to come back from that one. So, instead of holding a roster spot open for someone who may not be ready again this year, they placed him on IR. Gradkowski will end his season with a 66.3 Quarterback rating. He had five touchdowns and seven interceptions, in a season completely derailed by injuries. He tore is pec in the offseason, was hobbled by a groin issue in the preseason and then suffered through the two shoulder separations.

Gradkowski’s placement on the IR paved the way for the Raiders to sign, J.T. O’Sullivan. O’Sullivan was with the Chargers earlier this year. The Raiders will be O’Sullivan’s tenth team. Bay Area fans should know O’Sullivan well. He got his most playing time with the San Francisco 49ers in 2008. He started eight games that year and ended with a 73.6 Quarterback rating and completed just over 58 percent of his passes.