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NFL Fantasy Football, Week 15: Raiders Start 'em or Sit 'em

It is crunch time in fantasy football and you are wondering which Raiders to start and which to sit. Well, look no further. I’ve got the answers for you right here. The good news for any fantasy owners that have Raiders on their roster is that they are going against the Denver Broncos. The Broncos defense is in shambles. They gave up 43 to the Arizona Cardinals last week and 59 to the Raiders in their first match up.

QB Jason Campbell: Out of the 8 TDs the Raiders scored against the Broncos in their first meeting, only two came via the pass. The Raiders are going to want to run it early and often in this one. Denver also has the 8th lowest percentage in the league of TDs that are a result of passes. Still, their figures to be a few TDs here. Chances are, if you are debating putting Campbell in, then you had Aaron Rogers or some other odd QB scenario. He won’t win you your game, but it is a safe play.

Outlook: Start ’em

RB Darren McFadden: Biggest no brainer of the week. If you have McFadden things are working out really well for you. He blew up last week and now he is going against a defense that makes every RB a candidate to start and next week he is playing the Colts run D.

Outlook: Start ’em

RB Michael Bush: The first time these two played this year the Raiders had over 50 carries. Bush had 15 of them for 52 yards and a touchdown. This is not the only time the Raiders have had a 50-plus carry game. They went over 50 two weeks ago against the Chargers. Bush had 23 carries for 95 yards and a touchdown. With heavy rains expected and the Raiders looking to have a big lead, Bush could get plenty of touches. This makes him an intriguing flex start.

Outlook: Start ’em

TE Zach Miller: Last week Miller was starting to look like himself again. He ended the day with 4 catches for 68 yards and he was targeted 5 times. In the Week 7 game against the Broncos he had 3 caches for 65 yards and a touchdown. Most importantly, he was going full speed at practice this week. A healthy Zach Miller is a productive Zach Miller.

Outlook: Start ‘em

Oakland WRs:
The Oakland WRs are too big of a risk. If things go according to plan this week, they probably won’t see much action. Louis Murphy had a solid game last week, but opportunities for this crew are sporadic.

Outlook: Sit ‘em

Oakland Defense: It looks like Tim Tebow will be making his first NFL start on Sunday. It is going to be wet, he is going to be facing a team that can rush the QB and his team doesn’t protect the QB. There could be a few turnovers in this one. The Raiders defense has the chance to put up some big numbers.

Outlook: Start ’em